Manage your files and folders

Files & Folders gives you easy access to your PlayBook's file system. Open files, create folders, arrange your files, cut, copy, paste, delete and rename. Preview images and text files too, even in the cloud!

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Cut, copy and paste anywhere

Cut, copy and paste your files and folders from anywhere, to anywhere. It doesn't matter if you're copying and pasting within your PlayBook, or to and from your Box, Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Docs or inside a Zip file. If necessary we'll handle the file conversion for you, or you can take full control with the Paste as button. Use the multi-select feature to cut, copy & paste multiple files or folders at once.

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Access your Box, Dropbox, SugarSync & Google Docs

Manage your Box, Dropbox, SugarSync & Google Docs in exactly the same way as your PlayBook files! Log in once and from now it's just a single tap away. Open files directly from the cloud, cut, copy and paste from anywhere, to anywhere. Open Google Docs files online in your web browser. Convert files between many different formats.

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Zip files

In Files & Folders, a .ZIP file is treated as a folder. You can open it, copy and paste files into and out of it, delete files inside, preview thumbnails and so on. You can even open a .ZIP file in the cloud. We'll handle uploading and downloading for you behind the scenes. A single-tap zip and unzip feature is also available to quickly zip or unzip a file or folder.

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Convert & e-mail your stuff

Got a Powerpoint but need a PDF? Use Google Docs to convert to and/or from many different formats, including Office 2003/2007/2010 Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OpenOffice Writer and Calc, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Rich Text (RTF), HTML, Plain Text (ASCII), Comma-separated values (CSV), Tab-separated values and many image formats. Tap Paste As... to choose which file conversion you would like.

Need to send a file to a co-worker? Use the (experimental) e-mail feature to send it via your e-mail server!

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Look inside your files

Switch to the thumbnails view for an instant overview of the images in your folder. Or tap on an image (in any view) for a quick preview. Tap Slide Show for a full screen view of your images. Swipe left & right for slick scrolling between image in the folder, or let Files & Folders do it for you with soft fades and configurable delay.

You can look inside .ZIP files too. Just tap to open, and they'll work as a regular folder.

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Learn more

It's easy to use Files & Folders. But if you get lost, need to know more or just like to know all the details, just swipe down, tap help and check out the built-in user manual with lots of handy tips.

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Works the way you do

Files & Folders is very configurable. From the settings screens you can adjust Files & Folders to your liking. Define the startup path, log in and out of your cloud accounts, check your quota, configure default file conversions, enable or disable various options.

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Free trial

We love Files & Folders. Thats why we give you a free 3-day trial. Because we believe you will too. The free trial is fully functional. The only difference is a start-up screen with some helpful info to get you started, and it stops working after 3 days. Of course your documents will all still be there, even if you decide not to buy Files & Folders.

Download the free trial in App World now! If you love it as much as we do, buy Files & Folders for just $2.99 / €2.99.

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